The Region's Leading Patient Safety Conference and Exhibition

Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions is proud to introduce the 13th edition of the region's leading Patient Safety Conference and Exhibition.

Four scientific conferences (16.75 CME) will discuss provision of safe and effective care to encourage and support healthcare institutions in their efforts to make patient safety a continuous priority.

During the three days a variety of sessions, panel discussions, demonstrations and interactive activities will be held, and over 600 participants will have the opportunity to network and share best practice with other professionals who are champions of patient safety.

  • Infection Control Conference (16.75 CME): Communicable disease experts in the region will discuss how to combat local determinants of infections, advise on most effective strategies related to diagnosis, prevention and management of common infectious diseases and healthcare associated infections, and give updates on infection control practices including chain of infection, transmission based precautions, isolation precautions, MRSA, MERS, EBOLA, etc.
  • Decontamination and Sterilisation (CSSD) Conference (Locally accredited): Implementing effective sanitation processes for medical devices and medical spaces, best practices in handling, collection and transport of contaminated instruments, cleaning and decontamination processes, instrumentation inspection, preparation and packaging will be discussed in this conference.
  • Patient Safety Conference (11.5 CME): Under the theme 'Consolidating efforts to improve patient safety: leadership, technology and finance', the conference will review the role of healthcare professionals as change agents as well as discuss leadership strategies and the financial return on a culture of patient safety.
  • Radiological Safety Conference (6.25 CME): Healthcare professionals will be updated on the risks and benefits of radiation and to ensure patients receives the appropriate radiation dose using necessary imaging exam at a suitable time.


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Key Speakers Include

Jason David Unger,
Manager CSSD Sterile Services, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi,
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Prof Guy Frija, Professor and Consultant, University Paris-Descartes; Past President, European Society of Radiology;  Chair, Eurosafe Imaging, Paris, France

Prof. Eskild Petersen,
Royal Hospital, Muscat, former professor of Arrhus University, Denmark

Dr Samer Ellahham,
Chief Quality Officer, Senior Consultant,
Sheikh Khalifa Medical City,
Abu Dhabi, UAE