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Breaking down the barriers to providing safe patient care

Patient Safety is the leading business platform connecting healthcare professions who are keen on improving patient care.

Now embarking on its 18th edition, Patient Safety has rapidly become the must-attend healthcare conference for medical professionals.

Leaders in the spotlight

Interview with Maher Elhassan

Vice President & General Manager, MENAT

Could you tell us about your company’s products or solutions that enhance patient safety?

Our solutions and services are driven by our continued commitment to sustainable healthcare. We not only offer optimised tools and solutions that increase financial sustainability and efficiency across healthcare organisations, but also invest efforts into adapting to a world where healthcare and technology are converging. This means BD is consistently devising adaptable solutions that protect patients and caregivers, advance breakthrough discoveries in research, and embrace resilience at every step of the patient care journey.

Our Patient safety solutions are part of our commitment to sustainable healthcare. With an extensive portfolio of products, services and capabilities, our patient safety-focused offer covers four critical areas for healthcare systems to help to:

  • prevent Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and support treatment management
  • diagnose sepsis and support treatment management
  • implement antimicrobial stewardship programs
  • prevent medication errors

Our solutions combine proven technology with actionable intelligence to reduce inefficiencies in the medication use process from the pharmacy to the patient, giving clinicians more time to focus on patient care, increasing predictability of medication availability, and preventing medication errors. By leveraging technologies like automated drug storage, medication administration, and point of care, the company improves patient outcomes across the whole continuum of care and empowers clinicians to offer the right care to their patients at the right time.

BD's solutions also aim to prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), antimicrobial resistance, and sepsis while encouraging best practices for clinical operations such as peripheral line insertion, wound or catheter care, and more. Increasing diagnostic accuracy and efficacy is also a priority for BD. Our diagnostic solutions allow quick, accurate, and suitable diagnostic identification and assistance in the reduction of antibiotic resistance. Our biosciences solutions allow researchers to analyse single-cell multi-omics at the gene and protein expression levels enabling better understanding of cellular mechanism involved in disease conditions. Furthermore, BD's data collection software allows health organizations to enhance their operations, increase productivity, and improve care delivery. This is aided by the monitoring and reporting capabilities of its solutions, which enable remote multi-site diagnostic results availability with digital infrastructures for faster decision-making.

The 2022 event sees a return to the traditional in-person format. What are you looking forward to the most from in-person interactions at this year’s show?

I believe most of us are grateful for the opportunity to meet in person and help each other advance the world of health. An in-person event elevates this experience and illustrates the significance of the occasion. Such events provide an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness about the role of medical technology in today’s digital era. We at BD look forward to interacting with peers, partners, and customers at this year’s Patient Safety Congress, and to once again being a part of an environment that allows us to showcase our expertise, state-of-the-art solutions, and leading insights in transforming the healthcare systems of the region.

What are you showcasing at Patient Safety this year?

We will showcase our state-of-the-art solutions that empower healthcare professionals to achieve better results and make patient care safer, easier, and smarter. We invite healthcare professionals to visit us to learn more about our optimised tools and solutions that increase financial sustainability and efficiency across healthcare organisations, improving safety to protect patients and caregivers and expanding access to quality care, to providing healthcare professionals with personalised and timely support all along the patient journey.

Nearly three years on from the start of the pandemic, how has patient safety changed?

Patient safety has always been a top priority - before, during, and even after the pandemic. While we have yet to overcome all the challenges, what has changed is how healthcare professionals have enhanced patient safety and how swiftly they can give the best quality treatment with the support of medical technology.

Throughout the enormous digital transformation taking place in MENA and the world, people have relied heavily on technology that makes caring for oneself and others safer and more convenient. We have witnessed advancements in the MedTech industry that allow patients to take greater control of their health, as well as utilize technologies such as AI to provide an optimal patient experience. Improving patient safety is a continuous endeavour that must be maintained in order to attain sustainable healthcare and a secure future.

Could you shed light on any future?

As we all have experienced recently, people are urged to take more control of their health. Medical technology has advanced rapidly these past couple of years, giving patients alternative routes to better outcomes and access to a better healthcare experience. Going forward, with a deep portfolio that produces over forty-five billion devices a year, BD looks forward to investing in three major areas of medical technology.

Firstly, there is smart connected care. This consists of using AI, Robotics, and Informatics, to transform healthcare for the better. Second, we are striving to enable people to shift to new care settings. In other words, taking traditional hospital care and moving it to the home, retail pharmacy, or an ambulatory surgery centre. Our third area of focus revolves around improving outcomes for patients with chronic diseases. Historically, treating chronic disease means consuming pills or other supplements. However, today, we have innovations or medical devices that can be used to treat the same diseases, and BD strives to spearhead this movement.

Anything else you would like to add?

A platform such as the Patient Safety Exhibition and Congress 2022 provides us the opportunity to further strengthen the region’s healthcare systems. We at BD are dedicated to delivering value-based care and enhancing efficiency, quality, and levels of protection against the various healthcare-related risks for patients and healthcare professionals. Alongside our commitment to sustainable healthcare and raising awareness of patient safety, we will continue to collaborate with both private and public organizations, decision-makers, and caregivers to cultivate safer medical and care-providing environments.

Our 125 years of experience, consistency, reliability, and trust have enabled strategic collaborations and a brand manufacturing and distribution scale that positions us as a major component in providing the right care, at the right place, at the right time.