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Patient Safety

The Patient Safety Conference is  specifically curated and designed to assist in the training and education of healthcare staff to enhance care around the region and globally.

Patient Safety

Conference Overview

The key cornerstone to patient safety is the continuous improvement based on learning from errors, with the aim to prevent and reduce risks that occur to patients during their care. It is essential to create, have and implement clear patient safety strategies within a clinical setting that is driven to improve.

The Patient Safety Conference has been designed to address some of the leading issues and to assist in the training and education of healthcare staff to enhance care around the region and globally.  For this year, we are focusing on a number of key areas which include medication and workforce safety, patient and family engagement, leadership and governance, digital health and learning systems.

Key Areas

  • Medication safety: focusing on the role of human factors in reducing medication errors, medication shortage, and the impact on patient safety
  • Workforce safety: psychological support of healthcare workers, second victims’ programs, staff shortage and staff burnout
  • Patient and family engagement: discussing the disclosure of medical errors to patients and families, and strategies that enable family presence in person-centered care settings
  • Culture, leadership, and governance: Using a just culture framework to drive fair accountability and promoting psychological safety in healthcare organizations
  • Learning systems and education:  Embedding patient safety education programs in healthcare systems for healthcare workers, medical residents, and medical students
  • Digital health and telemedicine: a panel discussion on how to ensure safe, equitable, person-centred virtual care

Scientific Chairs

Dr Jennifer Kozaily
Quality and Risk Manager,
Reem Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE   

Professor Tawfik Khoja
Professor of Public Health, Imperial College, London UK,
Family and Community Medicine Consultant, Riyadh, KSA