Prof. Mahi Al-Tehewy

Professor of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine,
Ain Shams University Hospitals

  • Prof. Al-Tehewy is a physician working as Prof. of Public Health at Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine, Cairo, Egypt. She has 30 years' experience in training and researche and one of the pioneers in the field of training in quality management and its application in health facilities.
  • Prof. Al-Tehewy has established healthcare quality unit at Ain Shams faculty of Medicine in 1999 aiming at training and research in the field of healthcare quality and providing consultation and technical assistance to health facilities.
  • In 2010 she succeeded in establishing healthcare quality master and diploma degree in postgraduate curricula of Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine.
  • In 2018 she succeeded in establishing a doctor degree in healthcare quality in postgraduate curricula of Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine.
  • At the national level, Prof. Al-Tehewy was acting as a quality consultant for General Directorate of Quality, MOH and coordinator of TQM training at the national institute of training, MOH form 2003 till 2018.

    As assigned by MOH and endorsed by WHO/ EMRO, Prof. Al-Tehewy reviewed quality experience of Egypt and facilitated several workshops to prepare and finalize the national quality policy for Egypt in 2004 and to develop a policy document on institutionalization of accreditation mechanisms in 2010.

    She has been invited in 2007 to join the executive committee of the National Accreditation Program in Egypt and became vise president of the committee in 2010 and president of the committee in 2015.
  • In 2008, American University in Cairo (AUC) has invited Prof. Al-Tehewy to update the curriculum of TQM Diploma for Healthcare Reform and act as a part time academic advisor and instructor in Institute of Quality, AUC.
  • At the regional level, Prof. Al-Tehewy is one of the quality advisors for WHO/EMRO and a member of WHO/ EMRO expert group on hospital accreditation program and patient safety friendly hospital initiative.

    She is also one of the founder of Arab Society of Quality and the representative of Egypt. In addition, she has the honor to be member of the technical committee of the Arab improvement project of Healthcare organization under umbrella of The Arab League.
  • Prof. Al-Tehewy has the honor to be one of the international reviewers for EMHJ, IJHCQA, annual ISQua conference and WHO small grant for patient safety.
  • In addition, she was the principal investigator; co-investigator or consultant for a number of researches in the field of epidemiology, health service researches and quality funded either by national or international agencies.
  • She has a list of publication in local and international medical journals and was supervisors of many Master and Doctor Degrees theses.
  • List of Recent Publications:
    • Baseline Survey for developing a chemical safety program in a hospital in Egypt. Afr Newslett on Occup Health and Safety 2008; 18:54-6
    • Guidelines for Application of PDSA in Management of Patient Safety Incident Events. A Document Endorsed By EMRO/ WHO, 2009
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    • Developing severity adjusted quality measures for Intensive Care Unit. Int J Health Care Qual Assur. 2010; 23 (3):277-86
    • Medication Administration Errors in a University Hospital. Poster presentation in the 27th international ISQua conference 2010, Paris and accepted for publication in the Journal of patient safety.
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    • Policy Document, strategy and organizational norms and routines for healthcare quality program in Sudan, 2013.
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