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Mass Gatherings And Infectious Disease: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How can an invisible organism such as a virus or bacteria cause global panic?

The Vital Role Of Technology In Improving Patient Safety

The right application of technology can enhance clinician communication, improve medication safety, reduce potential medical errors and improve the overall patient experience.

New horizons for medical waste treatment technology

Importance must be given to disinfection or sterilisation of infectious laboratory and bio-hazardous wastes at the point of generation.

Why Every Provider Should Have Wound Care Knowledge

The growing incidence of acute and chronic wounds has placed a great burden of care on home health agencies. Today, more than a third of home health patients require treatment for wounds, which can consume up to 50 percent of a nurse’s visit.

Reducing the risk of surgical site infections

Surgical site infections (SSIs) are now the most frequently reported health care–associated infection (HAI) in the United States. In Australia, infection of the surgical site occurs in approximately 3% of surgical procedures.

80% of CMIOs Say Medication Management Boosts Patient Safety

Most health IT leaders think medication management initiatives have improved patient safety, but there are still significant issues to overcome.

Controversial sepsis study sparks concerns over patient safety

The nonprofit consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen urged federal health officials to stop a nationwide sepsis study in an Aug.