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Now embarking on its 17th edition, Patient Safety has rapidly become the must-attend healthcare conference for medical professionals.

CEO Interviews

ASP’s solutions are instrumental in the fight against HAIs

The importance of prioritising patient safety as a core responsibility across the entire system is evident now more than ever. In an interview with Patient Safety, Mads Ransby Olsen, VP Sales and Service EMEA, ASP, discusses the need for the patient safety community to reconnect to constantly improve quality during this difficult time.

Olsen has worked in the Pharmaceutical and MedTech space since receiving his master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2002. He shares: “Over the years, I have worked to ensure healthcare professionals and their patients get access to the best possible treatments and technology. I am delighted that ASP is participating at the Patient Safety Congress 2021 as a platinum sponsor, and I hope that our collaboration will save many more patients from infections while admitted to a hospital.”

He stressed that ASP is committed to protecting patients and healthcare workers with infection prevention solutions. The company’s products offer high-level sterilisation and disinfection. “We’re dedicated to creating the products, solutions and processes needed by practitioners to protect patients through their most critical time. There are several barriers affecting organisations, so we at ASP support healthcare facilities in the fight to protect patients against sources of Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs) from medical device instruments. Above all, we put the patient first,” Olsen added.

For instance, ASP’s STERRAD ® Systems lowers H2O2 emissions from devices, protecting instruments, users, patients, and environments in healthcare facilities. It uses hydrogen peroxide vapour and plasma to sterilise medical instruments and materials safely and rapidly, lowering the potential for leaving toxic emissions.

While the STERRAD® ALLClear®, a low-temperature sterilisation technology, is an expandable, upgradable sterilisation system that enhances processing capabilities. The STERRAD ® systems have more than 23,000 have full medical device manufacturer (MDM) endorsements. These systems have completed over 15 million cycles successfully worldwide each year, impacting millions of patients annually.

Additionally, ASP’s HLD Systems have unique features designed to deliver consistent and reliable reprocessing. ASP ACCESS ® Technology also supports by automating documentation to help reduce human error in instrument reprocessing.

At the upcoming Patient Safety Congress, ASP will be putting the spotlight on two different topics on November 4:

  • The importance of consumables validation in the sterilization process (1 pm-2pm GST/ 11 am-12pm CET)
  • Best Practice in Mater Misericordiae University Hospital in Ireland with ASP Ecosystem (5:30 pm-6:30 pm GST/3:30-4:30CET)