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Malaffi - The role of Connected Healthcare in Patient safety



Highlighting the need for connected and comprehensive longitudinal patient information provided to all the care teams across the care continuum as an essential part of the patients’ care journey.

Often care information including significant medical history lives in silos with individual providers and the clinicians are not given tools to “connect all the dots” to provide the patient with the best care and prevent any harm due to medical interventions as a result of lack of information.

Connected healthcare helps piece together all this vital information and summarises it for the care team to provide best practice and efficient care delivery to the patient.

In this webinar, we look closely at the use cases and examples from frontline clinicians who have reported their success stories and shared with the Malaffi team and study how connected health has helped deliver better and more efficient care in various care settings -like the emergency department, inpatient care, complex care like oncology and outpatient care and future-gazing, on services and tools that connected Healthcare programmes like Malaffi can offer to further enhance patient safety.

Learning objectives

  • The Healthcare ecosystem and gaps in information sharing
  • Effect on patient care “a before and after look
  • Discuss success stories from clinicians



Dr Rahul Goyal

Senior Vice President of Clinical Engagement, Malaffi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr Goyal joined Malaffi as Senior Vice President of Clinical Engagement in September 2020. Before that, Dr. Goyal worked for Mediclinic where he assumed the role of Physician Lead Informatics and was involved in various healthcare information and digital transformation projects, leading the physician-focused adoption aspects of systems such as electronic health records and other synergistic technologies. He continues to practice as Consultant Family Medicine, as a part-time engagement.

With almost 20 years of experience in Family Medicine, as a UK-trained physician, Dr. Goyal worked as a partner in various UK practices before joining Mediclinic. Before completing his training in Family Medicine, he trained as a higher specialist ophthalmologist.

Dr. Goyal was also elected as one of “Future 50 Clinical leaders in Healthcare IT by HIMSS” in 2019. He is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists UK. In 2020, he was appointed as Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at the Mohamed Bin Rashid University in Dubai, UAE.

“Technology should be invisible in a consulting room, it’s just about the patient, technology should be no more than a tool, a stethoscope of the modern age.