Rekha Biju Varghese

Rekha, being in DHA since 2013 worked as Charge Nurse for Emergency department for 2 years and worked as Charge Nurse for Maternity department till October 2017 and been working as Charge Nurse for Pediatric department since November 2017.

She has a total experience over 19 yrs. in the field of Nursing. She completed Masters in Science Nursing (Medical - Surgical
Nursing) from Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamilnadu, India. She is at present working on her thesis titled “ A phenomenological approach to the experience of patients with ESRD on hemodialysis therapy”  towards pursuing her PhD in nursing.

Rekha has presented papers as a part of her Masters in Nursing and conducted various workshops in the organization on Proactive patient Rounds. She is an active member of the Nursing executive committee of Hatta Hospital and a speaker in various educational programs at Hatta hospital.

She is the Chairperson for the Nursing Quality Improvement Forum at Hatta Hospital. She is given the responsibility to
coordinate the activities from nursing department towards the hospital project on ‘Control of Non-Communicable Diseases among Hatta community’.

She is the member of the DHA Nursing Advisory Committee for the Electronic Medical record project - SALAMA and task force member of JCI, IMS and Quality forum in Hatta Hospital.

She is an active member of Change management project of DHA namely AWTAAD. She is also actively involved in various projects such as Community expectation and Customer satisfaction surveys, White board communication project and FOCUS PCDA project of the department.

She was awarded gold medal for BSc Nursing (1995-99) for being the best outgoing student from KG college of Nursing, Coimbatore and also second rank holder in MSc Nursing from KMCH, College of Nursing, Coimbatore.