Pre-Cleaning, Disinfection, Storage & Transportation of Instruments

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Friday 6th November 2020

05:00PM (GST)

Venue: Industry Talks room


Why is Pre-Cleaning/Disinfection of surgical instruments so important and what are the best practices?

Sterility of the set is time and event-related. How can we ensure proper storage & transportation of sets inside and outside the hospital.

Learning objectives

By the end of the session, participants will learn:

  1. Best Practices for Pre-Cleaning/Disinfection of Surgical Instruments.
  2. What are the sterility concerns for storage & transportation?
  3. What are the recommended storage guidelines
  4. Are there Transportation Wraps available
  5. UN Classification for the transport of infectious substances explained.

Target audience

Patient safety professionals in the Middle East


Jacqui Donaghy 
Global Business Manager 
Key surgical

Jacqui Graduated with a Degree in Electronic Engineering & Business management. Jacqui worked in the Telecommunication business for many years & then worked in the Pharmaceutical company Uniphar in Ireland as a Sales manager. She joined Clinipak 2003 as Business Development Manager & is also Is responsible for education of our Global Network. Clinipak became KeyySurgical in June 2017 to become the Global leader in sterile processing supplies.

Ben Siegmund
International Sales Manager
Borer Chemie AG, Switzerland

Ben has 18 years of international experience working with both capital and consumable sales in the CSSD. He has spoken at several scientific events around the world on the subject of surgical instrument reprocessing. Ben is involved in exhibition organisation (Medica and WFHSS) as well as participation in local conferences and congresses.


Matthias Buhmann
Scientific Affairs Manager - Medical
Borer Chemie AG, Switzerland